Cleaning method——Make your jewelry look new

cleaning method

Many female friends’ homes will have large and small jewellery. Some jewellery will be worn for a long time, or if it will not be used for a long time, it will be stained with all kinds of stains…

Do you want to buy new jewelry again? Of course not needed~ There are a lot of practical and convenient way to cleaning method, so that the old jewelry in your home is more beautiful than the new one! Come check it out~


Universal method

▼ This method is suitable for most jewelry, more gentle

1、Drop a few drops of soap in the water or homemade soapy water in the house

cleaning method

2、Soak the jewelry for 5 to 15 minutes.

3、 gently soften the softened dirt with a soft brush

4、Finally, dry with a soft cloth.

5、The seams can be wiped clean with a cotton swab~

Deep cleaning

▼If the surface of the jewelry is dirty or black, you can use the following method

1、Add a small amount of ammonia-containing detergent to the water, mix it

2、Put the jewelry in the mixture and quickly remove it (not more than one minute)

3、Flush the mixture of jewellery surfaces with water

4、You can also dilute the toothpaste (try to choose colored transparent toothpaste to prevent the toothpaste particles from damaging the jewelry), then lightly brush the jewelry with a toothbrush.

5、Finally, rinse with clean water and dry it~

Soft method

▼ Some jewelry is set with ornaments. If it is glued, it can’t be in contact with water. Otherwise, the glue will open. You can use the following method.

1、Dip soapy water with a soft cloth and wipe the jewelry

2、Wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth dampened with water and wipe off the chemical on its surface.

3、Finally, just dry it.

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